Erika Kuta Marler

Erika Kuta Marler

Erika Kuta Marler -CEO of Alexi’s Business Life

Jack of all trades master of none,
oft times better than a master of one.

Erika owes her love for science fiction and fantasy to her family. The first book she can remember her Mother reading to her as a child was The Hobbit. From a young age Erika has told stories, and is currently working on putting words to paper. Her mother also introduced her to Star Trek. She became a voracious reader enjoying the classics, especially Shakespeare. Her first Studio Ghibli film was “My Neighbor Totoro.” She discovered Star Wars through the magic of VHS tapes thanks to an Uncle with impeccable taste.
While in high school in New Zealand she discovered a love for history, sciences and English Lit thanks to some fantastic teachers. Also, due to her access to the BBC at the time she enjoyed shows like Dr. Who, Monty Python and other British classics.

In her undergrad days she finally got hold of her first D20. She enjoys campaigning in Dungeons and Dragons and her personal favorite Call of Cthulhu. Well meaning friends introduced her to animes like Cowboy Bebop and Trigun. Erika is a nerd for all seasons.

Erika is a graduate of BYU-Hawaii with an IDS degree focusing in English Lit, Videography, and Theatre. While attending BYUH she developed a variety of tools including leadership and management skills while working for the University’s production studio. Her love for theatre carried into her undergrad where she had the opportunity to work on and off the stage. It’s also where she met her significant other Jon Marler.

After graduating Erika pursued a variety of interests, including time in an indie band in Portland, Oregon, where she developed skills in web development and social media. It was also at this point her daughter Kasia was born, joining the party. She spent time in Mesquite, NV as the Coordinator of the local Heritage Museum, and started chasing Pokemon when Pokemon Go went live. Erika is currently based in Utah.