Josh Kradz

Josh Kradz -CEO of Super Villain Network (SVN)

Josh Kradz

How does one go about starting these? “A long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far away…”?

Nah. Been done (and wholly inaccurate in this case).

A fairly moderate time ago in the North East Coast of America, a child was born in to great wealth and prestige- destined for great things and clever quips while drag racing Lamborghini’s…

We won’t talk about him.

In Baltimore, Maryland, a simple child with simple goals sat in his room, content in his decision to entertain himself playing Magic the Gathering and Star Wars: Battlefront while watching reruns of Doctor Who; dreaming of girls, far away places and working the local 9 to 5. Until one day, when the most Unusual thing happened to that Usual Kid: he wasn’t content anymore.

Soon the boy’s life began to swell with anything and everything new he could get himself involved in. Boredom became the ultimate enemy. In almost no time at all he ran through the gambit; He was a salesman, a radio host, an actor, a real estate rep., a writer, a photographer. He washed dishes in kitchens, interviewed bands at music festivals, served food to ambassadors, created a sitcom for YouTube, built sets for theater productions, coordinated events, ran marketing campaigns for films- even went as far as to move to a shack on the beach as a bartender. Every job, gig and position he took on full-force, giving his all. If not for himself, then for the magnificent people he met along the way.

Until those too, became less fulfilling.

So the open road it was! He saw an opportunity and ran for it, determining to make his way as a citizen of the world, not just humble Baltimore. Adopting a new title, bestowed upon him by the family he had created for himself back home: the Reckless Vagabond (Well, “Reckless” might have been a tad bit strong, but what else do you call someone who suddenly uproots everything they’ve ever known, trading it for uncertainty and adventure?). In less than a year, the boy accomplished more than he could ever dream of out there; he found new homes in Philadelphia, Orlando, Miami, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Alaska, France, Germany- eventually being adopted by a new family of liked-minded professionals and settling in Denver, Colorado. Utilizing the skills he forged in all his previous hobbies and professions he plunged in to another world: Comic Cons. Working in Guest Management and Becoming a Team Lead for a Publishing company, he began overseeing shipments of books, the creation of sales exhibits for authors like Kevin Anderson, R.A. Salvator and Christopher Paolini and generally kicking ass at Comic Cons throughout the country.

So now, here we are. Now a member of the RabidFanBoy’s Team of Kick-ass… sociates (see what I did there?) The Boy- now a Man- must join forces with his fellow Water-Phobic FanBoy’s to weave something magnificent using the threads he’s strung throughout the Country and beyond. A Network, perhaps…? Of Supervillains (*Gasp*)?!

Can they do it? Will they construct the villainous network of their dreams- spreading the glorious words of villainy, pitting themselves against the loathsome Do-Gooders of the world? Will the Spicy, Bean n’ Beef burrito in his hands finally be his downfall? Find out next time here with us at RabidFanboy…

Same Bat time, Same Bat channel….